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Zero Tolerance Policy for Unsafe Acts

PAR has a Zero Tolerance policy toward unsafe acts. This program includes identification of responsibility, authority and accountability for safety as well as establishing scheduled safety audits to be performed by all members of supervision.


It is PAR’s intent to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees and ensure that employees have the knowledge, skills and equipment to perform their jobs safely. Negligence or unsafe work practices will not be tolerated, and under the Zero Tolerance policy, unsafe work practices will lead to disciplinary action.


As a function of this Zero Tolerance initiative, management will initiate discipline up to and including immediate discharge for any of the following behaviors:

1) Any employee who has been injured, or causes an injury, as the result of an unsafe act or condition which he caused.

2) Anyone who has a preventable vehicle accident.

3) Anyone knowingly violating a safety rule.

4) Any foremen or general foremen whose employees are observed violating a safety rule, whether they are present or not, will be subject to immediate disciplinary action.

5) Any superintendent or member of management who does not take positive steps to eliminate preventable injuries, safety rule violations or preventable vehicle accidents will be discharged.

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