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PAR, through Quanta Services, holds exclusive rights to the patented and innovative LineMaster™ Robotic Arm. Quanta’s Energized Services Division trains and certifies PAR crews to perform barehand live line work.

Our technological advances allow us to quickly create safe work zones and significantly increase production.

The innovative LineMaster™ Robotic Arm is a device that allows crews to safely perform energized work that previously would have been considered impractical due to associated costs of service disruption. Because the LineMaster™ quickly creates a safe work zone, we also have achieved significant increases in production compared to traditional energized work methods. PAR Energized Services crews also have extensive experience in barehand and hotstick techniques.

Further Capabilities

  • Replace or upgrade foundations, structures, all hardware components and the conductor without any outage required in today’s right-of-way constrained environment
  • Maintenance, cleaning, repairs, reconductoring and rebuilds – all while in an energized state, avoiding costly customer outages
  • Increased personnel safety in congested right of ways, avoiding risk of induction
  • Project consulting and feasibility assessments
  • Insulator replacement
  • Structure repair or replacement
  • Modification of towers, cross arms, and insertion of tower body extensions
  • Dead-end and sleeve repairs or replacement
  • Spacer and damper additions or replacement
  • Maker ball and bird diverter additions or replacement
  • X-ray inspection of shoes, armor rod and sleeves
  • Repair or bypass of jumpers and switches
  • Switchyard and substation repairs without the need to de-energize a critical system
  • Common tasks such as repairing or bypassing switches, bus repairs or bypass, conductor repairs, and hot spot remediation
  • Certified by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to execute energized repairs in nuclear plant substations and switchyards
  • Techniques
    • Barehand method
    • Hotstick
    • Wet and dry washing
    • Insulating scaffolding
    • High induction stringing
  • Pre-project planning, consulting and feasibility assessment
  • System upgrade or rebuild
  • System maintenance, substation and generation emergency outage and mitigation
  • Design, management and construction of projects up to 765kV
  • LineMaster™ Robotic Arm
  • And more

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