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Fleet & Equipment

With more than 6,000 pieces of specialized tools and construction equipment in its inventory, PAR delivers end-to-end network solutions to the North American electric power industry. PAR also has access to more than 70,000 pieces of equipment used by its sister Quanta Services Companies.


Aerial Manlifts

Aerial manlifts up to 165 feet; equipment-mounted track machines, back yard machines and insulated/non-insulated booms


Stringing Equipment

Largest inventory of stringing equipment and accessories, from hard line pullers to wind up conductor and tensioners


Digger Derricks

PAR’s digger derricks consist of track mounted units, mini back yard machines, and derricks of up to 105 feet


Truck Cranes

Truck cranes ranging from smaller three ton units to larger 45 ton units, variety of knuckleboom units

Fleet & Equipment of PAR

Bucket Truck

Aerial manlifts with working heights from 30 feet all the way up to 165 feet; rotates vertically and/or horizontally

Digger Derrick

Versatile auger and winch line-mounted machine used for digging holes, lifting, and proper placement of utility poles

Truck Crane

Chassis-mounted crane with capabilities to lift from three tons to 45 tons; extends to get the most lift and best angles

Wire Stringing Equipment

Various chassis and trailer-mounted equipment used for efficient and safe underground and overhead line pulling

Backyard Machine (Mini Derrick)

Capable of entering residential backyards; reduces ground damage and reaches locations too small for truck-mounted units

Tool Van

Units ranging from box vans to semi-trailers that are upfitted with specialized tooling; shipped from various job sites

Spacer Carts

A self-motorized cart that is used to safely transport personnel from structure to structure along the conductor lines

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