Longfellow Drilling

Longfellow Drilling, backed by the full resources of PAR Electrical Contractors, Inc., a Quanta Services Company, specializes in turnkey drilled pier foundations, direct embed drilling and setting, vibratory caissons, and civil foundation construction.


Longfellow Drilling is one of the largest full service drilling contractors in the United States.

Our operations team, safety team, and project leadership provide a unique blend of foundation construction, geotechnical engineering, and design engineering services that offer clients advanced solutions for the most challenging projects. Longfellow Drilling has many years of experience completing large diameters and deeper excavations, successfully and safely.

Longfellow Drilling owns 20 drill rigs including limited access and low headroom configuration drills. Our rigs are capable of drilling foundations up to 16 ft. in diameter and 120 ft. deep with current equipment tooling. Longfellow Drilling has experience with deeper depths and larger diameters, and routinely rents additional rigs and tools as needed to complete projects.

Longfellow Drilling’s equipment and tooling fleet provides the capabilities of drilling foundations in soil, rock, and slurry conditions.

Further Capabilities

Transmission Lines
  • Drilled Piers Foundations
  • Civil Flatwork Foundations
  • Spread Footer Foundations
  • Grade Beams
  • Oil Containment Systems
Additional Scope Offerings
  • Building Drilled Pier Foundations
  • Bridge Drilled Pier Construction
  • Hydro-Excavation
  • Constructability Reviews and Consultation

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