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Jason Zingerman

Jason Zingerman is the President for PAR. Mr. Zingerman assumed this role in 2021, where he oversees operations and business development for six divisional offices, as well as project management, project controls, and estimating for the entire PAR organization. 

Mr. Zingerman previously held several different positions within the renewable generation and construction industry, where he was responsible for the safety, quality, schedule and budget of wind, solar, battery storage, and transmission projects. He has project experience in geographically diverse locations and a thorough understanding of the industry. Mr. Zingerman initially joined Quanta Services in 2017 as Vice President of Telecom Operations before joining PAR shortly after. He was previously the Senior Vice President of Operations – Northeast Region for PAR in 2018.

Throughout his career, Mr. Zingerman has held multiple management positions, which includes more than 20 years in senior management and more than 10 years in renewable energy. Overall, he has more than 25 years of experience as an electrical industry professional with a strong background in electrical design, manufacturing, construction, and maintenance.

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